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English: An old Methodist church, a week after...

Today is a beautiful day, and was a good morning for church — crisp and sunny outside.  Fitting to have a wonderful Bible study and worship.  Not a good day to get up in a negative mood.

Normally, I’m a fairly positive person.  It serves little purpose to be negative and complaining, so I try not to be unless I’m just trying to be funny, and the results of that effort are usually fruitless.  This is only an opinion, but here it is: Church, among many other things, is a sanctuary from the things in life that would bring a person down.  It is the house of the Lord, and as such, is a place to enjoy His presence.  In other wards, any negative feelings a person wakes up with should be left at the door once one enters the sanctuary of His house.

heat miser!

Okay, that said, I’ll get back to this morning.  Negative Nellie rolled out of bed and was irritated at the chilly bedroom.  City Boy had gotten up way early, left the room and quietly shut the bedroom door.  That was actually thoughtful, except that he cranked up the alternate source of heat in the other part of the house, making the main furnace shut off, which left the bedroom I was still sleeping in with no heat source.  Actually, we have an alternate heat source in the bedroom, too, but since the furnace had been on the night before, we had shut the alternate heat source off.

All this to say, Me cold!

I fixed the problem, then politely (matter of interpretation) let Frank know what the right way to do that would have been, and proceeded to get ready for church.  

By the time we arrived, both Frank and I were in fairly decent moods, and Bible study was pretty good, and then the worship service started off well.  We all walked down out of the choir loft before the sermon and the person singing the special music stood behind the podium.

The term “special music” in a Baptist church usually refers to a musical number done during the worship service that is special to that service.  Many times it is a solo or small group of people, but sometimes can be a choir.  On this particular Sunday it was a soloist, a high schooler.  I wondered why, when I mentioned that I had never heard this person sing, Frank shrugged and said, “She tries very hard.”

English: Singing-out-of-time

So, all through the song, which I had heard before and was familiar with, this girl sang a completely different tune than I recalled from when I’d heard this song before.  That would even have been okay if she had been singing it even remotely in the same key as the music was.  

Nellie has teeth

While sitting there trying not to visibly wince at every off note, I began to realize that this was not the attitude I should be having, even if I was keeping it to myself.  I had no idea how to possess a reverent attitude when I was having to endure someone whose attempts at singing could take the enamel right off of your teeth.

So, I prayed that He would give me an attitude of love and kindness.  And guess what?  He didn’t.  He intervened on her behalf.

Instead, the singer, on the last chorus, suddenly began singing the song perfectly.  Poof.  

Nobody has all the answers as to why certain things happen the way they do, so all I know is that I still believe more than ever that if a person is having a negative day when they go to church, leave it at the door.  Better yet, try to start out the morning in a positive frame of mind.  It’s not like God asks too much of us, and God has a way of taking care of the rest.

It’s Sunday, and an appropriate day for me to say things that may get me accused of being too preachy, but I just felt good about this morning.  I’d say a lot more (everyone knows I’m not a woman of few words), but Frank has hinted to me to get started on the cookies I promised him.  Not that I mind — he went and got the butter, so it’s the least I can do (smile).