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This last month has been a real busy one for a lot of people, and City Boy and I are no exception.  Frank’s schoolwork has had to be sandwiched between work and getting things done here.  We’ve put a lot of things on the back burner, and unfortunately we’d let poor Lucy get a little…well…overgrown.


Frank says she looked like Ernest Borgnine.  I thought she was getting a little werewolfy looking, and her long hair was getting very difficult to keep clean and harder to brush.  Even brushed, it looked like she should be running around in a dark wood with her pack of hellhounds.

So, Frank finally got a day off and made an appointment for Lucy to get a grooming.  She hates baths, so City Boy decided that, despite his embarrassment, he would forego her bath at home (he just didn’t want to give her one) and let the groomer give her one.  I was so glad I wasn’t going with him to drop her off.  I could only picture the looks of shock from the groomers.

While Frank was gone I decided to make some easy and fast cookies.  It would be a nice surprise for City Boy when he got home, and he likes treats.  Wouldn’t you know, I had everything I needed but one ingredient.  I guess I could have walked to the store, but I was irritated that Frank had not told me we had been out of butter AND margarine for a week.  Why was this Frank’s responsibility?  It isn’t, but I don’t like being irritated at myself, and it would really not make sense to blame the dog.

So, City Boy packed up a disgruntled but neat and clean Lucy from the groomer’s after she was done, and decided to get her picture before she could get home and get dirty.


Then I had the same idea as soon as she got home, because I know how she is.  So I caught her as she was begging to go outside, probably to dig holes and bury her nose neck deep rooting for whatever she thinks might be there, and quickly took a picture for posterity. 


These pictures are the last anybody will see her looking this way for a while — by tomorrow she’ll look like she’s been in the barnyard running with the pigs. 

Oh, and I told Frank about my idea to make him some cookies (the ones I reblogged from Katy yesterday), and he seemed pleased.  Then I told him about the butter (I stopped short of telling him how it was his fault and all).  I think he must really have wanted cookies, because when he went to get printer ink he brought back butter, too.  So, tomorrow after church I’ll be making cookies.  You’ve heard the old saying about the way to a man’s heart, right?