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The night before our big snowstorm last night we were gifted with a really nice sunset.  The view off of our back porch, although we live in a rural town, is surprisingly free (mostly) from power lines and poles in the way of the sky view.  Here are a few shots of the tapestry the sun made as it left us for the evening.




By the next evening we were getting ready for an overnight snow and ice storm, so we were at the store stocking up and at  home battening down the hatches.  Last night it hit, but I will say we didn’t get as much of it as some of our other midwest neighbors.  This was the view through our front window this morning.

Window View

Lucy went out to play (and do a few other things), and I went out with her to take a few pictures.  Our poor adirondack chairs have really taken a beating this winter.

Back Yard

Adirondack Chair

Cold place to sit!  

And I was just playing with the camera….

Adirondack Chair

Lucy loves snow, and always plays in it — I got a little video footage of her that I’m too embarrassed to show anybody.  She is a gray and white dog but after running around in the snow she is brown.  She will always find the one spot in the yard that is muddy and make it muddier.  But it’s easy to tell she doesn’t mind the snow…

Paw Prints

Snow is so pretty, and I enjoy it.  At the same time, I won’t be unhappy when Spring comes.  Hope all of you are staying warm and enjoying what’s left of Winter!