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Mr. Sun got caught in the power lines when he rose early yesterday morning, so I helped him get loose — he thanked me by shining all day.

Our corner of the world was happy to see Mr. Sun, including the flowers.

Mr. Rabbit was so happy to see Mr. Sun that he allowed me closer than I’d ever been to get a picture of him.

But Miss Ladybug was scurrying around in too big a hurry to stop and let me get a clear picture of her.  “We’re wasting daylight!” she exclaimed.

So Lucy and I sat out in the sunshine and lazed around for awhile — well, Lucy chased birds and got into things.

So then City Boy took Lucy to be washed, clipped and groomed.


We stayed in the house for a while and I worked on some projects while Lucy rested from her grooming ordeal.  Then City Boy and I ran some errands.  When we got back it was evening and the sun was setting.

Looking up in the sky from our front yard we saw Mr. Moon shining brightly, while blue and pink clouds danced around him.

Mr. Moon wasn’t full, but he still made a good showing.

Looking up at the sky from the back yard found some pink clouds that had decided to call it a day and head home.  

City Boy, Lucy and I decided to call it a day too.  

I thought maybe I would try to get a picture of the Supermoon my friend Cindy reminded me about.  That’s going to be tonight — how exiting!

Have an exciting night and a week full of sunshiny days!