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Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been trying to think up something neat to do for City Boy — I have begun to decorate the house, since time’s-a-wastin’ for that.  But Frank is not much for appreciating interior decor per se.  One would think that after 20 years in the Navy he would really enjoy the finer things that he missed all those long periods of time shipboard.  But no.

So, I have to just decorate to my own taste and hope that, over time, he will grow to like it.  He already has come over to my side on a lot of things like that, but still has a basic decorating instinct that gravitates to the style of the inside of a battleship.  I try to work around it.  And now I’m trying to come up with things I think he’ll really enjoy.

But, first things first.  I’ve found some really neat printables that will make really nice projects (and they’re free!).  Here’s a few that were featured on the Makoodle site.

This printable comes in two sizes to be compatible for framing, among other things.


It downloads in a 4X6 and a 5X7 size for framing, or cutting up and using in projects.  The download version of this can be found here.

Something else ultra-cute that I found on Makoodle were these sweet Hershey Kiss Labels, also free.  If you don’t have pre-made stickers (she tells you where you can get them), you can use a circle punch to make them into circles after printing them off.  


The download for these can be found here.

And if you want to put your candies in little bags, here are some cute bag toppers to download and print:


So, in no time a person can make all sorts of sweet little Valentine gifts for everyone on their sweetie list.  

Rebecca, from The Crafted Sparrow, designed a couple of sweet Valentine printables.  One is a subway-style print for framing and crafts that comes in three color choices, shown here:

v collage

These can be downloaded separately here.  And the other irresistible Valentine printable from The Crafted Sparrow is this simple multipurpose little gem:

love birds printable

You can download and/or print it from here and do a variety of sweet projects with it!

That’s all the project hunting I’ve done so far, but there is so much to be found either online or out and about around town that the sky is the limit as far as Valentine projects go!

In talking about heartfelt love, my friend Karen posted a video of a tiny baby capuchin monkey with a heart full of love that belongs to one of her former students.  It is so heartfelt and sweet and will just melt YOUR heart!  I just had to share the link to the video here.  Please give it a watch if you get the chance, and listen carefully to what the little girl is saying at the beginning (she is whispering and hard to hear).

And another couple of pictures of Frank’s daughter Becca’s Precious Baby:



And, Frank’s youngest son Daniel has a baby girl as well, so I will be posting some pictures of her on here soon, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  A baby is the purest symbol of love, and around Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show off all those sweet little cherubs.

Have a wonderful day today and be thinking of hearts and candy and kisses and blessings!