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Surgery, Etc

City Boy had surgery on his foot Friday and won’t listen to the doctor.  There, I’ve tattled on him.  The doctor told him he is supposed to stay off of his foot for two weeks, that he should only get up to go to do “necessary” things.  Yet, he gets up and tries to fix his own meals, romp with the dog, do everything he always does, and even wanted to replace the 40-pound water bottle.  He walks all over the house, and before long will be trying to drive around town.  I know this from past experience.

English: Taken on December 27th, 2006 at 3 PM ...

Right before we moved here, Frank had major shoulder surgery.  He had post-op instructions, which he didn’t follow that time either.  Shortly after his surgery, he and three other people planned to get a moving van loaded, which he said HE wasn’t going to do more than oversee.  Well, he helped load the U-Haul.  At least he had help.

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When we arrived here a day later to our new home in Missouri, City Boy was expecting some help he had hired to come and unload the moving truck for us.  He sent me to the store to find something for us to eat. I was gone for 45 minutes.  When I got back, he had un-hired the workers and singlehandedly unloaded the U-Haul completely.  Even the heavy furniture was off the truck and he was ready to take the truck back to the dealership and asked if I wanted to go with him.  I told him, “You’re going to feel this tomorrow.”

Frank is still feeling it, almost a year later.

Today I got after him enough that he finally started staying off of his foot.  I told him to call me on the cell phone if he needed me and didn’t want to scream at me across the house.  So then Frank started calling me at random, just to see if I had my phone with me.  Didn’t need anything, just noticed I had left my phone in the kitchen and wanted to trip me up.

“What were you doing up and in the kitchen?” I said.

“Getting a drink.”

“Why didn’t you use the cell phone then?” I said.  “I would still have heard it.”

“Um…I don’t know.”

I’m sure I did an eye roll.  “I’m going to rock you to sleep with a real rock.”

I thought when we moved here and were finally empty-nesters that my babysitting days would be over.

Dino gun with 'scope

So now that City Boy has finally started behaving, maybe he will get back to healing and I can get back to not standing over him with a tranquilizer gun.  We’ll have to see if he gets his second wind when he wakes up in the morning.

Happy hunting, folks, and have a great Sunday!