Typical weather we’re having here. We’ve learned to adapt and see it’s beauty as well as the confining aspect of snow.

Lucy hates rain, or even getting wet, but she loves snow. Go figure. She doesn’t see it as a confining thing, and as you can see from looking at her, she just tunnels right through it😄.

Another visiter at our back door may well have the same idea.

Maybe Lucy has the right idea — when we feel confined in our lives, or just plain blue, perhaps we can work on a way to tunnel our way out. There’s light at the end of that tunnel, and usually a way around whatever barrier comes our way.

Several of our granddaughters visited us for a week after Christmas — the last time I blogged about these girls they were babies!

We all went to Santa’s Magical Kingdom and saw a whole lot of beautiful lights. What a happy place! And even though it was after Christmas, there was still a good number of people there, drinking in all the Christmas spirit they could get!

No matter how old we get, we enjoy happiness and joy. As the new year is starting it’s big roll-out, I wish you all a blessed 2020!