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When City Boy and I first moved here, I was immediately adopted by Kaylee, the little girl across the street.  She and I do things together like walking the dog, tramping through the woods, playing computer games, eating, etc.

She was very proud of her big icicle find the last time we were out in the weather.

Back in June it was a different picture outdoors.


It was already hotter than blue blazes (whatever that means) when we moved in to our humble temporary home, and Kaylee was right there to help.

But, that was then and this is now, and the two are a sharp contrast.

The city park, where kids like Kaylee usually like to hang out and play, is cold, gloomy and quiet.  Only whispering ghosts of children’s laughter might break the silence.

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Wouldn’t it have been a fun surprise to have seen snowmen in the park?!

Even on the gloomiest days there is usually something a person can do to brighten it up, even if it’s only to smile.

Just an update on my son’s father, who I mentioned in my previous post: He actually made it through the surgery.  Even though there were some unexpected complications during the surgery, he somehow managed to pull through.  He’s not out of the woods yet, and still isn’t very coherent most of the time, but we are told it has more to do with all the medication they are giving him.  Hope and God’s grace is there for those who reach out and grab it, for sure.

For now, darkness covers the ice, and bedtime fast approaches.  Greetings to you — be careful, stay safe and warm, and be blessed!

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