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Cell phone shot of dormant Winter crop

You’ve seen them.  THOSE people.  They are outside on a 22 degree day in short sleeves and slippers doing some sort of house/lawn/car repair.  The cold doesn’t bother them.  Meanwhile you’re huddled inside with the flu, hacking up a lung, the slightest movement of air making you convulse in shivers.

But then that’s just it — you think to yourself, “Dang, I would be cold even if I didn’t have the flu.  I’m cold all winter.”

Why are some people impervious to cold, while others can dress out in eight layers of clothes until they’re unable to bend their arms or legs, and still be shivering?

It’s a mystery of Mother Nature.  Or Mother Someone-or-other.

And while I’m here, a word or two about neighbors (and you know which neighbors you are):

If your teenage son is going to start his loud car early in the morning to warm it up and leave it running for 20 minutes, there is no need for him to spend five more ear-splitting minutes revving the engine full force as he’s leaving.

Ah, but I’m ranting.  Really, I have great neighbors and I’m sure you do, too.  It’s just that when the really cold weather hits, some people tend to be too cold to think.  But that’s true of some people whether they’re neighbors or not. 

So, I’m just asking, when the temperatures go way down, try not to kick thoughtfulness out the door.  Not everybody handles cold weather well.

One more little piece of Winter etiquette to consider:  It costs money to heat our house.  Know that if you knock on my door and start trying to sell me something or save my soul, I’m not going to stand there holding my door open to hear your spiel/sermon.

And no, I’m not letting you in.