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Sunrise over our Hillbilly 'hood

Sunrise over our Hillbilly ‘hood

As the day awakens and everyone wakes up with it, there is a sense of anticipation for what is to come.  The new day holds a promise of things yet realized — what it brings is up to us.

Sunset over our Hillbilly 'hood

Sunset over our Hillbilly ‘hood

As the sun sets and nightfall is near, our sense of anticipation can still remain.  Our bodies and minds need rest, but our spirit and drive are still there, waiting to start another day tomorrow.

Moonrise over our Hillbilly 'hood

Moonrise over our Hillbilly ‘hood

Lock the joy of the day in your mind and heart, let go of the trials and pain of the day as you lay down to rest, and let troubles fade away as you drift off to sleep.  Whether joy or trouble, a new day full of new possibilities awaits you.  Nothing is carved in stone — a day and a night can change everything.

Meanwhile, someone is getting ready for her trip to the pumpkin patch…

img_0025 - Copy

It’s me, Precious Baby!  And I’m kinda unsure if this will be a  trip that babies like.


Still not real sure about this…am I for sale?


All right, so, now what?


Am I supposed to be doing what he’s doing?


Well…this…MIGHT not end up being so bad…



You’re not gonna cry again, are you?  Between teething and wearing a diaper I’m already pretty wet.


This turned out to be kinda fun!


I’m so glad Daddy and Mommy brought me!


And look what Mommy took a picture of — a bug on a pumpkin flower!  She’s getting pretty good at this picture-taking stuff!  But then she’s had lots of practice taking pictures of ME!

Things in Hillbilly Land and this side of the world are coming to a close for the day, and blessings abound everywhere if we look for them.  Whether it is a beautiful grandchild, a beautiful sky, a bug on a flower, or anything that shows us God is near, enjoy your blessings tomorrow as you travel through the day and through life.  Blessings to each and every one of you!