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A little over a year ago an idea for migraine relief was given to me by a friend at church (read about that here).  I have referred to it since then as the “Gatorade Diet,” and I have since discovered more tips for easing the trauma that most migraines bring. To just say the gist of what that post was about, it mainly suggests that some migraine sufferers might find a little relief if they drink Gatorade at the onset of a migraine.

Gatorade to Keep Me Hydrated

Since I don’t tend to drink a lot of fluids, and I feel fairly certain that may be part of the problem, I also drink Gatorade whenever I do drink anything during the day and evening.  With meals, while taking meds, just whenever I get thirsty, and, of course, at the onset of migraines.  Since I don’t drink fluids that often, it’s not as if I down gallons a day.  A large can of Gatorade powder will last me awhile.


Since starting this routine a year ago, I have suffered four migraines.  Since I was having rounds of them that would trigger migraines every other day, I find that four times a year is quite an improvement!  Not only that, but the migraines I did have only brought minor pain or none at all.


The migraines I did have this past year were in the beginning couple of months after I started drinking Gatorade.  I am guessing that it may take one or two weeks of regular Gatorade drinking to start seeing some effects.  Since I was going around dehydrated most of the time, it probably took awhile to build things back up in my system.

So, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your migraine experience (eye roll):

  • Take migraine meds and drink Gatorade at first suspicion of the onset of a migraine.
  • MigraineBefore the pain begins, right after taking your meds, put an ice pack on your head.  I’m not sure why it works for me to put it on even before the pain starts, but when I have done it, there was a marked decrease in overall migraine pain.  The flexible kind of ice packs that are used in coolers to keep things cold will work for this.  I keep two in the fridge — I can plop one on my head without having to put a towel around it first, and also I can switch to the extra ice pack when the one on my head warms up.  Again, what works for me may not for someone else, and may not always even work for me, but it can’t hurt.
  • If you do not drink many liquids during the course of a day, incorporate Gatorade into your daily routine.

6318911_sOne blogger friend (Bob) pointed out to me that Gatorade contains a lot of salt, and mentioned an alternative that has the same things in it that Gatorade does, only minus the salt.  I will have to look back and see what the name of it is and update it to this post.  It may have been Powerade, but I’m unsure.

The problem with trying substitutes is that the salt may be what makes the Gatorade effective.  But I’m willing to give the alternative a try and see what happens.  I’ll post about that here, too.

Note: Bob has since confirmed in a comment below that it is, indeed, Powerade that he was talking about.  I will get brave and try it to see what happens.  If it works it will certainly be more healthy.  Thanks Bob!

At any rate, if you feel like trying these tips, give it a few weeks and see if you notice an improvement.  After a month you should see marked improvement if it is working for you at all.  As I’ve said in my previous post, this does not work for everybody — it depends largely on what is causing your migraines.

I hope this helps.  As for me, I am virtually migraine-free at this point, so if it turns out that drinking salty Gatorade is the only way to go, it’s just a choice I will have to make.  Migraines every day is not the way I want to live.

Update: Since I made this post, my daughter, who had insisted that Gatorade did not help her migraines, went to see a neurologist who specialized in migraines.  He told her that migraines really never go totally away, and that they are genetic.  Then he put her on a regimen of (here it comes, you’ll never guess) Gatorade!  I’m guessing from this that it’s been confirmed by at least some of the medical profession that it helps with migraines, at least in part.  That makes it even more worth a try if you suffer from these horrible, debilitating trials of the body.

Whatever you do today and in days to come to make your life and the lives of others better, I hope you receive blessings.  Have a glorious weekend, no matter what your weather is — you deserve it!