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As the sun welcomes us to a new day, peaking up over houses, trees and all of us here on earth, it’s nice to think that all of you out there are under the same sun.  I’m seeing what you’re seeing, feeling the warmth that you’re feeling, and loving that it makes us feel closer to even those who are far away.

As Summer begins to close, we are still a long way from the bare, dead foliage of winter.  Winter is lovely in its own way, but the living things that abound in Summer give a feeling of fresh life.

Even though the warm morning sun is shining right down on them, the plant life in our yard seems to be getting ready for Christmas, changing into hues and colors of red and green.

But who wants to be ready for Christmas now?  I’m still celebrating the end of Summer!

Pretty soon Fall will arrive, and with it the harvest, the celebration of plenty.

The cold of Winter is far enough away that we don’t have to think about everything being bare and dormant just yet.

So, as the sun goes down on another wonderful Summer day, I’ll think of you as you enjoy the same setting sun and the same warmth as I am, and I’ll feel like you’re right here.