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English: WPA Pneumonia poster

Well, pneumonia has reared its ugly head in my life lately, so I needed to take advantage of the scarce amount of time I can be in anything but a laying-down position.  Doctors have always told me to try and be up and moving during times of chest congestion, but I don’t have the stamina to be up for very long periods of time.  Because I don’t like being a whiner, that’s all I’ll say about my sparse posts the last few days.

Have you ever noticed some of the media gallery recommendations that pop up as you are typing a new post?  Some of them have absolutely nothing to do with what your post is about!

Frank Pettitt On Honda Motor Cross Bike (2)

For instance, while typing the first paragraph of this post, a picture of a bunch of motorcycles racing on a dirt track came up.  Seriously, sometimes it gives me a laugh.

It is still helpful to have that feature, and I use it quite a bit when I am not posting pictures of my own.

Abortion Memorial

Another feature that causes the occasional snicker is the suggested tags.  For this post so far, the tag suggestions are “Abortion,” “United States,” “Fox News Channel,” “Essays,” “Organizations,” among others.  A few of these can be very loosely related to the first paragraph (emphasis on loosely) — a lot of abortion pictures and tag suggestions came up after the first paragraph — they may have come up because I used the word “life” in the first paragraph, but if that’s what WordPress is suggesting might relate to this post it’s kind of a stretch.


Post (Photo credit: Corey Templeton)

Sometimes it’s not the pictures themselves, but the titles of the pictures that may relate to a word in a post even when the pictures don’t.  And, if you type and then change your mind and erase, the pictures and tag suggestions from the first try will still be there.

A little leeway is given by me to the Related Articles section of the New Post page.  The pool of information WordPress has to draw from is only the articles from other WordPress posts, and so the pool of selection is somewhat smaller.

Post box, Plumpton

Other than occasionally going down the wrong track, these tools can be very useful in posting.  Some people have told me that they have never used them, but they can help out a great deal with the content of your post.  They aren’t for everybody, but they’re there if a person wants to add a little something to a post.