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Privacy keyboard

Lately there has been a lot of talk about privacy and invasion of privacy, especially in the tech world.  It ranges all the way from people thinking it isn’t even a problem to being paranoid that our every move is being scrutinized.  

Smartphone Configuration for Social Media Mark...

Really, all it amounts to is just being a little more careful about the information we put into things like computers, smart phones, etc.  

My blogger friend, Steve Mattison, came across some information that gives some tips on keeping your internet use a little more private.  This post is not a scare tactic, but just some common sense measures for those of us who would rather keep our internet use more to ourselves.


This link has tips that I was already aware of and had been doing, but also includes information that was new to me.  Give it a look-see and if you can glean some new information from it that helps you out, fabulous!  If there is nothing new to you there, all you have spent is a few minutes of your time.