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Some things just never cease to amaze me.  I guess some things shouldn’t amaze me, but then I don’t mind that some people have considered me to be naive, half-witted, or not-in-the-know about things that still bring about a little wonder in me.

At a doctor’s visit a few days ago on an overcast day, a flock of geese landed in the grass beside the parking lot just as we were walking out to our truck.  This in itself is not that amazing so much as the way they kept moving closer to the vehicles and didn’t seem to mind us as we approached them.  

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t just dumbly walk right up to them calling “Here, goosey goosey goosey.”  But they ended up right in front of the truck, and to get to the truck we had to walk right up to them.

They didn’t hiss at us or anything, and they even posed for a few pictures.

Once we were home, we had another visiter waiting for us in our yard.

This little rabbit is much smaller than our rabbit friend that I have posted about before, but this one also didn’t mind me taking his picture.  I just stooped down underneath a tree and snapped away.

What amazed me about this day, and a lot of other days, was that I don’t live way out in the country, or even on the fringes of town.  I live right in a populated town, and yet we see wildlife like this every day, the bulk of which I see but don’t manage to get a picture of.

I lived in the middle of the woods for years, and I didn’t see wildlife this often.

One final thing on this day that never ceases to amaze me and never will:

I can never get enough of a beautiful evening sky!

Have an amazing, wonderful day!