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18283037_sWhat would you think if you came home from vacation, stepped out onto the driveway of home sweet home, looked around and reveled at how wonderful it was to be back, unlocked the front door and went in, and then slowly began to realize that someone, without your knowledge, had been living in your house the whole time you’d been gone?

Nothing is missing.  You call all of your friends and relatives, asking, “Say, Aunt Marcie, did cousin Bubba stay at our house for a bit while we were gone?  No problem, we were just wondering.” or “Hey, Flo, did your daughter and her friends happen to tell you they were crashing here with our daughter sometime in the last few weeks?”

No, no, no and no are the answers.

Vacation squatters.  This scenario is happening much more often than we think.   With social media and internet hacking, it’s easier than we sometimes think for a stranger to find out when we are going on vacation and how long we’ll be gone.  They know when to show up, and they know when to leave.

Steve Mattison

Steve Mattison (Photo credit: mike912mueller)

When I clicked the link that fellow Ozarkian, blogger and real estate agent Steve Mattison posted on his blog, here, I was simply appalled after watching the video.  Check out his post and link to the video — squatters may not take any valuables, but you won’t believe what some of these “guests” WILL do in your home while you’re gone.