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City Boy’s grandson Devon is a very bright young man, but kind of mischievous as well.  When he was younger, as in the above photo, Devon was an avid skateboarder and bike rider, and he became fast friends with Michael, a boy down the street, who had the same interests.  The picture above shows Devon walking across leftover pieces from a skateboarding ramp he had helped build himself.

As I said, Devon is bright — he was accepted into an accelerated educational program when he was only in the 8th grade.  He hated having to switch schools, but Frank and Devon’s mother both thought it would be a good opportunity for him.  Devon usually keeps himself pretty entertained, and over the years he and Michael have always been able to find things to do to keep them occupied.

One afternoon Devon and Michael found themselves particularly bored.  I had a menagerie of wigs hanging on the wall of my room, and the two of them asked if they could try some on.


They were going for the 80’s heavy metal rocker look, and could have passed for part of some teenybopper boy band I guess.  But, it wasn’t long before Devon and Michael decided that it was not as fun looking like rockers if they just stayed in the house.


So, out they went, riding around the neighborhood on their bikes, looking tough.  Soon, they began to feel like that wasn’t garnering them the attention they were seeking.  I got a little worried when they started asking me for clothes.  But, I was also kind of wanting to see how this was going to play out, so I had some clothes left over from my skinny days, and handed them over.


They asked me what I thought, and again, I was sort of worried.  But, wanting to get in on the fun, I told them they weren’t acting enough like girls to pass themselves off as such, and suggested they be slightly more demure.


That pretty much did the trick, and so off they both went for a stroll around the neighborhood.  They finally got the reaction they were hoping for — people around the neighborhood mistaking them for girls.

Not long ago, Devon’s mother asked me if I still had the pictures of Devon and Michael from that day around 4 or 5 years ago.  In looking for them and then sending them to her, I kind of wondered what she was going to do with them.  Devon and Michael are both 16 now and have girlfriends.  It’s the perfect setup for embarrassing/blackmailing a kid, as some of us mischievous mothers are so good about doing.  

So, before I put the pictures back into the vault, I thought I’d share them with the world.  Enjoy!