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Really dusty clock

“The hours of folly are measured by the clock; but of wisdom, no clock can measure.”   William Blake

The other day City Boy and I went to a storage locker that we’ve had things in since before we were married — it is in another town and I had shared the locker with an older friend, Cora.  After Cora passed away, we continued to keep the storage unit and use it, and Cora’s family did not seem interested in taking Cora’s things.  So, we went about getting our first load of stuff out of the unit and bringing it back to our house.

Amongst Cora’s things was a clock, completely covered with dust.  I’m not a huge clock person, but I noticed that this clock was a key wind clock, complete with key, so I asked Frank if he thought his mother might like it.  She has a collection of clocks of all shapes and sizes, most that chime or make some noise, and most are key wind.  City Boy called her and she was more than happy to take the clock off our hands next time we came to Texas for a visit.

I blew some of the dust off and looked the clock over before setting it on the entry table.  I saw that a tag on the back said the clock was made by the Howard Miller Clock Company.  When I looked this up I discovered that these clocks were usually bought as anniversary and wedding presents, and are very well-made.  Then on Wikipedia I read that the Howard Miller Company was founded in 1926 and originally only made mantle clocks like this one.

Above is a picture of our Hewlett Packard combo printer — notice the logo.  Bear with me, but I’m showing you this because of something I noticed on the Howard Miller clock.  Just below the clock face, and maybe it’s just the way I’m seeing things, but isn’t this a Hewlett Packard logo?!

Really dusty logo

Every picture I could find of a Howard Miller clock like this one did not have that logo attached to it.  So, City Boy called a clock dealer, who didn’t have a clue why there would be an HP logo on the clock, but was able to tell him that the clock is worth around $650.  Yep.  As luck would have it, the clock that I’d just given away to Frank’s mom could have bought us more than a few groceries, lol.

Frank then called the actual Howard Miller company and asked them if they had ever been affiliated with Hewlett Packard at any point.  The representative said no, but that, on many occasions, companies would give clocks to executives within their companies as gifts and put their logo on them as part of the keepsake value.

Well, little mystery solved.  I gotta say, I would sure get the big head if a company I worked for gave me a $600 clock.  I would think I was just indispensable.

I’ve finished getting the rest of the dust off, and we’re enjoying the clock until we take it down to Texas and give it to Frank’s mother.  Actually, it feels good to give her something nice, since she’s been such a wonderful mother-in-law to me.  

Oh, I just heard the clock chime and it’s way late.  I’m gonna miss that thing.