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The prayer garden at the church I attend is in bloom again, this time with its Summer array.  It is such a peaceful place to wander around, or sit on a bench and think.

Most of us need a time to calm down and be at peace, regroup, pray.  And to do that, it helps to have a place to go to where we feel serene and positive.

There was a time or two when my car in a Walmart parking lot was my Place of Peace.  I played games on my phone and listened to the radio until I felt more calm and better able to think clearly.  At times my calming place has been with a book on the back porch.  But the prayer garden, a walk on a nature trail, or a sit-down by a stream are my favorite places to relax.

I encourage you to have a go-to place that is a haven for you to unwind when you need that time.  Even if it’s a locked bathroom door and tub of warm water.  I do realize that those opportunities may not come often — I was a young mother once — so sometimes you may have to plan them.  But do make the effort — it is so important.

Early in the morning or at the end of the day, alone or with a significant other, however you feel most calm — take some time to unwind and refresh your soul once-in-awhile.  One last picture of another calming place for me: my back porch at sundown.

I urge you to find your own Places of Peace, relax, and have a wonderful Sunday!