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It’s been so long since I’d been on WordPress that I thought I had probably forgotten how to post!  But, like a lot of things, I guess it’s just like riding a bike.

Last night I was able to get very few still pictures of the fireworks, and the ones I did get are not very good, hence the video below.  City Boy and I do not buy fireworks, and since moving to a town named Republic we have discovered that the townsfolk here love their fireworks!  We think it might be because of the town name.

Last night I was outside probably five minutes total, and had my camera going the whole time taking videos.  I only shut the camera off to change batteries and occasionally go from the back yard to the front yard and vise-versa.

It sounded like we were in a war zone, and poor Lucy had a really hard time, but that was the only un-fun thing about our July 4th here at home.

So, since still pictures of fireworks are difficult for me to take, I took the lazy way out and used video instead.  It’s my very first shot at putting together a movie, so it moves around a lot, and since I never left my yard to get these videos the occasional neighbor’s roof or street light can be seen.  Again, I was only outside about five minutes, so the video is only three minutes long, but I’m sure it will seem longer, lol!

Oh, and that’s Lucy you’ll hear barking if you get brave and watch the video — she came outside and ran around barking for awhile, and just as she started to finally do her business a huge firework went off right above us and spread red balls all across the sky.  THAT I didn’t manage to catch on video, and Lucy did not care for that and headed inside, poor little dog.

So, here’s a video summary of our evening at home — hope all of you had a wonderful Independence Day!!