City Boy noticed that the rabbits always nibbled around in the same spot in middle of the back yard.  He figured it was because of the clover, but we have an abundance of that all over our back and front yards.  Recently, after mowing, he went out to weed-eat and noticed something un-green amongst the green grass and weeds beneath his feet.  They were so low to the ground that the lawnmower hadn’t chopped them up.

City Boy brought me out and showed them to me — the leaves remind me of the strawberry leaves I remembered growing up and seeing in my dad’s strawberry patch.  But the little berries only slightly resembled strawberries.  They looked more like a cross between raspberries and strawberries if anything.  And they all had little bald spots on top.  That’s kind of like my dad, too.  But then again, maybe the lawnmower did get them after all.

So, we came to the conclusion that these must be wild strawberries.  But, in the middle of a lawn in the middle of town?  Our house has only been here twelve years, but it’s still not new.  

Whatever these bright berries are, the bunnies and birds ate them all within a few day’s time, so they must be edible at least to animals.  So we weren’t afraid of Lucy getting into them.  She will eat anything except her dog food.  She even loves bananas.

At any rate, I’m suddenly wanting a bowl of strawberry ice cream for some reason.