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Today is going to be a great day!  I just decided that, and so I know it is!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, City Boy’s daughter, Becca, is the mother of Precious Baby.  But Becca also has a Facebook page full of pretty things to see.  Her page is called Becca’s Bowtique, and the birthplace of Becca’s page came from Becca making headbands to match all of Precious Baby’s many outfits.  People started asking Becca to make some for their little girls, too, and so Becca’s Bowtique was born!

The picture above is from the Becca’s Bowtique page, and Precious Baby is wearing one of the many cute headbands her mother made for her.

Go on over and take a look at Becca’s page — you’ll see lots of sweet things there!

In the meantime, I have a few more pictures that Becca sent of Precious Baby!

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I couldn’t get the color or picture quality where I wanted them in the above two pictures, but Precious Baby looks cute even so.  She’s wearing a tutu and sporting one of the headbands Becca made for her.

Precious Baby’s mommy got her a new stroller contraption, and she loves it!  She has already figured out that she can put her bottle in the holder in front of her!


It’s hard to get enough of such a sweet little cherub!  

The other page I wanted to mention is my son-in-law’s Facebook page, Amaroo Dreaming Photography.  In future posts I’ll be showing some of Jay’s photography work, and in the meantime, wander on over to his page and check things out!  But for now I just wanted to show off his pictures of another couple of grandkids.  These pictures of Brisbane and Gianna are from Jay’s page, and it’s so lucky for me that their dad likes taking pictures of them!  Jay, Emily, Gianna and Brisbane came for a visit with City Boy and me recently, and now they’re back home in Iowa, so we love when Jay and Emily post pictures of the kids!  That way we don’t feel as much like we’re missing these fun times in their lives.

Brisbane had some chocolate and then went to play!

Brisbane had some chocolate and then went to play!


Gianna wasn't going to be left out when it came to play time!

Gianna wasn’t going to be left out when it came to play time!


Pictures of children playing are so fun!  I never get tired of looking at them.

And one more page I wanted to give a mention.  My daughter, Megan, has said that she is planning to start a page of her own — she wants to specialize in nice-looking large size clothing, and also wants to include handbags and children’s clothing on her page.  I am rooting for Megan as she prepares to set up her page and get it going!

What a neat world we live in where we can communicate with each other from far away, and see each other at the same time!  Becca, Steven and Precious Baby live in Texas; Jay, Emily, Gianna and Brisbane live in Iowa; Megan, Bobby, and the two boys live in Arkansas; and here City Boy and I are, living in Missouri!  Grandchildren grow up fast, and we are so fortunate that we have ways to see and hear all of them at a moment’s notice, even though miles separate us!  We are blessed.

Like I said, today is going to be a great day, so go out and have a spectacular one!