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In my last post I mentioned that City Boy’s children had lost their mother to cancer, and they have been supporters of the Susan Koman Walk For the Cure since before that.  Today it had a special meaning when Frank’s youngest daughter Becca and middle daughter Melissa brought their daughters to this year’s Walk.

Here is Precious Baby getting a bite before the Walk, complete with her Walk For the Cure outfit and headband.


Melissa and her daughter Cutie Girl donned matching Fight Like a Girl shirts.


Before their mother Pam passed away, she and the girls attended every cancer walk they could.  Even when Pam could barely stand, she would attend the walks.  

I urge anyone out there who has a loved one with cancer, or a loved one who has died from it, to consider attending walks such as this in support of the people who are helping raise money to fund the fight for a cure.  Moral support and prayers go a long way toward cheering the walkers on, and it’s a great family activity to promote awareness.

Here’s hoping the weather holds out for the walkers this weekend!  May they and all of you have a blessed day!