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“Beauty is not caused.  It is.”   Emily Dickinson

Precious Baby is growing like a weed, and she gets even more bubbly and playful by the day.  Her mother Becca hates ever having to leave her! 


Four years ago Becca’s mother died of inflammatory breast cancer, and each year Becca tries to attend the Susan Koman 3-day walk.  Several years ago she and her sister Amanda actually walked it.  City Boy has some tough daughters!


Becca, me, Amanda, 2010

This year, Precious Baby will also be attending the Koman walk.  Becca already has Precious Baby’s outfit all picked out.  The headbands for PB are usually made by Becca, but this one was made by PB’s father, Steven.


Here is Precious Baby modeling one of the headbands Becca made for her.


Becca has made some really cute headbands for babies, and I’ll include more about that in another post.  But there couldn’t be a happier model for headbands than this little cherub, right?

Becca’s brother Daniel also has a baby girl, Angel Baby, who has been in a few previous posts, and she sports pretty headbands very well, too!


Precious Baby and Angel Baby are not only cousins, but great friends, who love to visit with each other!

Speaking of visits, my daughter Emily and her family came down from Iowa and visited with us for awhile.  I have a post all lined-up about that to be sure!  

Well, a wonderful weekend is beginning, and I wish you and yours an incredible one!