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My love for the look of old buildings never seems to ebb, and so on a recent evening outing in the country with City Boy we ran across this old barn just before the sun set.

Further down the road were fields with cattle in the distance, and this particular field had some curious cows.  Up closer to the road was a barnyard with calves crying loudly.  We kind of put two-and-two together and figured out that they were all related.

We could hear a calf bawling more loudly and insistently than the rest, until we turned around and looked behind us to discover that it was, instead, this friendly creature.  It was in the field across the road and had come running up to check us out.

I know it’s not the greatest picture, but our new llama friend had surprised me and I got an all-to-quick picture of him/her.

As the sun went down we got a few more pictures and then headed home — these relaxing evenings together make life so pleasant!