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1001 Scribbles

There are few pursuits that will empty your wallet more quickly than photography.  Everything about photographic gear, for instance, is expensive.  I mean everything, from $30 (US) bubble levels to exotic prime telephoto lenses that exceed $10,000.  In the digital age, cameras are essentially treated as disposable commodities, accompanied by the explicit notion that of course you’re going to upgrade to the latest model every few years.  And as the bubble level reference above suggests, cameras and lenses are merely part of the equation.  Bags for your equipment, tripods and heads, filters and other accessories…the list is seemingly never-ending, and all the items on it are costly.  At the very least, the informal definition of “photographic equipment” has extended all the way to computer hardware and software ever since the digital darkroom became a realistic option more than a decade ago.

Two recent announcements reminded me of the truism…

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