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For years now I have made the drive from south Alabama to north Mississippi, but never have made the time to detour off I-65 north to a little town called Jemison, home of Petals of the Past until yesterday.  I had heard about it for years, and a friend recently mentioned that I should make it a point to stop.  And what a gem in the heart of Alabama!  Started in 1993 by Jason and Shelley Powell and Steve Wilson, there are 25 glorious acres to behold. Dr. Arlie Powell,  Jason’s father and a retired Auburn professor, now is instrumental in the lecture series they offer year round.  Dr. Powell  is a pomologist (studies fruit cultivation).  He has developed a procedure for cultivating native blackberries here.  Their specialty heirloom roses such as the chestnut rose which originates to the 1800’s, climbs to six feet, and is said to “laugh at…

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