15830720_sToday my son graduates and starts a new chapter in his life — we’re so honored and proud!  What a wonderful young man he’s become!  Yesterday he was a little blond boy who I held on my lap, and today he is on his way to starting his college and career path — it’s humbling to think of every way life has changed because of this young man.  

Since moving in with his older sister, Joel has grown even more, and knows what he wants out of himself and out of life.  No wandering aimlessly without goals like so many young people today, but instead moving forward with a bright future.  What a wonderful time in a young person’s life!

I want to do whatever I can to help make Joel’s special day happy, joyous and fun, and not allow anything I do to dampen any of it.  It’s HIS day.  He is so special!

Congratulations, son, for the new life you are about to embark on — may it be long and happy!