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Today I took some pictures of a flower that has shown up around here just lately, but making much of a post is just not in me right now.

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Tomorrow my son graduates high school.  He’s 21, so it’s obvious he quit school for a bit and went back when he discovered the working world wasn’t all that lucrative for a boy without a diploma.  Heck, it’s not lucrative for too many that have one!

Aside from the poignancy of the occasion is the other part that I am not looking forward to.  As with a lot of blended families, there are always times when one must run into the ex.  This is one of those times.

My son’s father plans to be there and also at my daughter’s, and my son is wanting us to arrive several hours early so he can spend time with us (City Boy and I).  Ex is already there, and will stay until Sunday.  Frank has never met Ex, and only seen him from a distance.  The one and only conversation Frank and Ex have ever had was not a friendly one.

So, we might get a little overexposed to the ex tomorrow, but then again, Ex might behave himself.  I know Frank will — he usually does.

Tomorrow bright and early we’ll be traveling down to my daughter’s (a two-hour trip to another state), spending time there, then my son wants us to go out to grab a bite.  At first Joel wanted to take me out (to celebrate Mother’s Day) and leave Frank at the house with my daughter and Ex.  Well, he’s young, so I just quietly set him straight.  Then we’ll head on to the graduation where I will take pictures.  I know we won’t even be able to see Joel, because we’ll probably be seated so far back and people will be standing up to take pictures and blocking us from seeing anything (that has happened in every single high school graduation I’ve ever been to), but taking pictures gives me something to do. Getting there early doesn’t seem to change a thing.

Please wish me well.  When it’s all over I may have City Boy post here on my behalf if I am unable to because I’m in jail for plucking someone’s eyes out.  I’m kidding I hope.