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Lately macro photography has become so fascinating that I practice it a lot.  Macro is the type of photography that is done very close-up of smaller objects.  The other day I took a series of pictures of a flower in my backyard that grows by the fence and is very tiny.

It’s obvious that I had a great deal of trouble getting focussed on the teeny little bloom, and I had my nose almost to the ground trying to get a clear shot.  Only one of the pictures made it into that post and even it was out-of-focus.  I even processed it and couldn’t get it totally right.  All of these photos are ones that didn’t make it into that post.

The reason I’m showing you my “dud” pictures is because of what happened next.  I had the camera so close to the head of the flower that the camera almost touched it, and the flower was so close to the ground that when a big ol’ earthworm suddenly rocketed out of the ground at my camera right when I was pushing the shutter button, it startled me to the point that I almost dropped the camera.  It looked like a snake was about to hit me in the face!  My heart skipped a beat, and the little flower, needless to say, was not in focus.  The worm was flapping back-and-forth, so by the time the camera finished the shot the worm had changed directions, thank goodness.

All this to say, that if you like to take photographs, and especially if you are a beginning photographer like me, you have to be ready for ANYthing!  Lol, you just never know what is going to pop up in your photos!

Fellow blogger Jerry, who does a lot of macro photography (and does it very well!), had a bloggersation with me that reminded me of this earthworm story.  I thought I’d share it hoping it might give someone a chuckle!

Hope all of you have had a mighty fine day today!