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It’s May, flowers are in bloom, summertime not very far off…so what gives?

It started off as a light dusting…

Across the street from our front yard

Across the street from our front yard

Friday we awoke to this snowy surprise.  It only coated the ground, then stopped.  The snow didn’t melt, but we were sure it was all the snow we would get.  After all, it had not snowed in May in our neck of the woods for 74 years!

It was enough to break the no-snow-in-May record, and we were sure that was it.  But, that afternoon came the snow that meant business.

Across the street from our front yard

Across the street from our front yard

Over our back yard fence

Over our back yard fence

No more flowers for us THIS Spring!  At least not outside…

I know that I pretty much claimed that I would not make this blog about our dog or our grandchildren, but I just HAVE to fudge on that just a teensy bit.  Precious Baby and her mother, Becca, just had a photo shoot.  I am so pleased with these pictures that I will just burst if I don’t show at least a few of them to you!  Please indulge me just for a few more moments while I get carried away with a little grandmotherly pride…

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Lately I’ve been remiss about posting or commenting either one here in Blog World, so I hope to once again catch up with myself and do more of that.  The bad part about being a tad bit OCD is that it can have one of two effects: the non-perfectionist type can keep things so orderly and just-so that it gets to the point of being annoying.  The other type (the one I am) can be just as annoying for the opposite reason — being a perfectionist makes it so that nothing gets done.  It must be perfect and it takes so long to get all the little minute details exactly as we want them, that many times we never complete a task.  So, things in our lives tend to be in a certain amount of disarray.  

Even with that, my house, all except for my corner of the office (and the garage), are pretty neat and orderly.  I lose momentum with my part of the office because it is also my sewing area, my computer desk, and is littered with sundry dog toys and whatnot.  When I am in there I am buzzing like a bee, and then I get done with whatever I am doing and turn my back on the mess and leave.  I blame City Boy.  After all, my desk is made out of a door.  Maybe if it were a REAL desk I would keep it cleaner.  But, the door thing was my idea in the first place, because most regular desks aren’t as long as I like them to be, so I guess Frank is off-the-hook. 

I’m so ashamed.

City Boy and I had a disagreement not long ago and he bought me a special desk accessory to let me know he realized he was wrong.

He probably wasn’t wrong — I didn’t even remember what the disagreement was about, but I just thanked him and now I keep his gift on my desk.  

Talk about a random, meandering post!  Lol, I do have several almost ready to post now, so the next several will be, maybe, about one subject.  I hope your Sunday is super-duper and full of blessings and peace!