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Since City Boy is from Texas, our front entrance has a bench with a Texas star on it to greet us and guests alike.  Too bad we use the garage entrance mostly.  Anyway, being outdoors in Spring is enough to shake off the blues and knock some cobwebs out that have settled in over the winter.

When we first moved here City Boy was fascinated by the blanket of pretty yellow flowers that covered our back yard.  He asked, “What are those little yellow flowers?”  

“They’re dandelions, honey.”  I guess I had to go easy on him though — once I thought about it, I didn’t remember ever seeing any when I lived in Texas.  I told him, “They’ll go away when it gets really hot.”

There are worse things, and Frank lost his humor with them when they grew straw-like stems and the tops turned white and fuzzy, and when he’d mow the lawn the yard was full of them the very next day.

Today I just have to slip in another picture of Frank’s granddaughter, Precious Baby.  She is wearing one of the headbands her mother Becca made for her.  That toy Precious Baby is in looks like it has everything but the kitchen sink and could keep a baby entertained for hours!  Becca can keep these pictures coming all she wants as far as we are concerned!


Have a glorious day today!!!