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The other day when City Boy took Lucy and me for a ride/walk out in the country, I posted a few pictures from that excursion and then some from when I got home.  Here are a few more from that day.

Of course, it’s probably easy to tell that I am totally fascinated with old barns and buildings, and it’s probably also easy to tell that the first picture and the last one are the same picture.  I love playing around with photo processing, because I’ve always liked old photographs, and an old photograph of a barn, well, I’m in hog heaven!

JohnandBrenda6I wanted to show you a few pictures that were loaned to me from our good friends John and Brenda.  City Boy and I have known them since we moved back here to southwest Missouri, and they’re quite the odd couple.  She is quiet and reserved, and he is a cut-up and quite talkative.  They don’t know the meaning of the words “Settle down and relax!”

  Anyhoo, this is their cat, who looks like a typical cat for all intents and purposes (stay with me — I’m going somewhere with this).

And this is John on one of his feisty days (actually ALL days are his feisty days).

Well you know how it’s said that pets start getting to resemble their owners after a while….

The picture of John was taken long before he and Brenda ever owned the cat, so it looks like the pet/owner theory holds up!

Brenda was baptized several years ago the old-fashioned way — in the river.  A small group of people were scheduled to be baptized and John brought his camera so he could take a picture of Brenda as she was about to be submerged.  While he had the camera, he took pictures of the others that were also being baptized.

This is the lady that went right before Brenda.

And now here is John’s picture of Brenda being baptized, which was taken only a minute after the picture above.

John said, “I took both pictures exactly the same way — I don’t know what happened.”  If a person wasn’t religious they would probably say this was spooky.

John and Brenda don’t have a computer, and I know them well enough to know that they aren’t likely to have manipulated anything to get the pictures that way.  So, coincidence or phenomena; camera trick or real happening; malfunction or divine function — I guess it’s up to what a person believes.

Glad you joined me for meeting a few of our friends and another stroll through small-town life — I always enjoy the company!