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City Boy only ever seemed to listen to me when I said things that he was interested in.  I accused him more than once of being totally disinterested in anything I said, and I told him that he thought if he felt something wasn’t important, I shouldn’t feel it was important either.  His response was always the same: “That’s just the way I am.”  


He did make attempts after that to act interested in what I said, which I had to give him credit for, but the ignoring what I said still went on.

Finally, Frank came home from a regular doctor’s checkup and had a card with another appointment set for a few weeks later.  “They want to give me a hearing test,” he said with a shrug.

The hearing test came and went, and later he went to consult the doctor about the results: Profound military-related hearing loss in both ears.

Gasp.  I hadn’t expected that.  Had he actually not been hearing me instead of just not listening??!!

English: Artone bluetooth loopset is a small w...

Artone bluetooth loopset is a small wireless hearing aid accessory utilizing 2.4 GHz wireless technology to connect to accessories like TV sound streamers and mobile phones. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, the above picture is of City Boy modeling his new wireless hearing aids (which can barely be seen and are like the one in the photo to the right), and sporting a new gadget/necklace they gave him that makes it so he can drive and talk on his cell phone without using his hands.  Cool, huh?

I’m not hearing-impaired, but I want one of those!

So, today Frank is getting used to the new ear-helpers.  They squeal at times, and he has learned to put them in BEFORE turning them on to keep them from making that infernal racket.  Certain noises seem to really irritate him now, like my typing on the computer keyboard, which he says is like thunder.  Or me eating potato chips.  Or me walking.  I’m beginning to think that, now that he can hear better, everything about me irritates Frank.

Well, that’s just the way I am (wink).