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City Boy took me on a trip to the country during a break from work and studying.  The best place to be in nice weather is outside!

During this trip I took hundreds of pictures, but only got around to processing a handful of them.  There were neat buildings and barns along the way.

A little ways down from this spot was an old telephone pole laying in the ditch and across from where it lay a new telephone pole stood.  We were guessing what events unfolded before the occurrence of the tragedy that is marked here, out on this deserted road deep in the country.

We drove over quite a few miles of beautiful country road, and then I took a walk in an area where there were miles of dense woodland thicket.  City Boy stayed in the truck with the dog.

Looks like there may be berries already growing this Spring.  Maybe poison berries.

The way the sun shown through this part of the thicket was kind of neat looking.

One just never knows what they might run across wandering in the deep woods, and I have a fascination with old barns and farmhouses.

Actually, I was never out of sight of Frank — I just like to make it sound like he’s a cad who sat in the safety of the truck while I went walking alone in the woods.  When I take my camera Frank gets so bored because I stop a lot and take many pictures while he has to just stand there, so I like it just as well if he relaxes somewhere while I take pictures.  When we just walk with no picture-taking, we really enjoy walking together.

Back home it got overcast and I got to playing with the camera some more — it never ends.

I know that everyone who practices macro photography has done the dandelion thing, but I just had to try it for myself so nobody can accuse me of being original.

Close-up of one of the few Bradford Pear blossoms that wasn’t blown off and destroyed during a recent violent set of storms that came through our little corner of the world.

Our resident robin has gotten so bold that she now just wanders all around me while I’m outside, totally unconcerned with my presence. 

Evening came and nightfall approached with only two twinkling stars out.  I tried to enhance them because, although they were pretty bright, they could hardly be seen in the picture.  So now they just look fake.  But that’s them — they were actually there!

I am anxious to get at some of the other pictures I took and play around with some photo processing!  Until then, it’s been a few days or so since I’ve posted an update on Precious Baby, the little one belonging to Frank’s youngest daughter, Becca.  In these pictures Becca sent us is also the baby girl of Frank’s youngest son Daniel, Angel Baby.  So I’ll end this post with a set of pictures of Angel Baby showing love to her little cousin Precious Baby.  Blessings to each and every one of you!