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Yesterday evening, while the sun was still up, the yard was once again alive with critters and flowers, so I grabbed several pictures through the window just for fun (stay with me, they get better).  These next three were the only pictures I took from inside the house, and I try not to post them when I do take them through the window, but I wanted to give you an idea how lovely Spring in our little Ozarks town is!

Have absolutely no clue what kind of tree this is at the corner of our house, but it was covered with little buds

No clue what kind of tree this is at the corner of our house, but yesterday it was covered with little buds!

There were two of these kind of birds foraging around in the yard seeing what they could find, so I’m guessing they are a “couple.”

This shot even had to be taken standing a ways back so as not to spook a rabbit that was right close to the window as it was getting dark.

Then last night, as the sun was sinking behind the trees, it looked like a big orange ball.  Nice sunsets are so peaceful!  Who could resist stepping outside to enjoy it (and take pictures of it)?


Bright and (halfway) early this morning, the tree that had been only budding out yesterday was covered with blooms!  It is so beautiful!

Tonight’s evening sky was fairly low-key because of the clouds (compared to our orange ball sun from last night), but peaceful and pleasant just the same.

It’s been a great week, with some storms and some sun, some warm and some cold, some turmoil and some peace — things are not always sunny, warm and peaceful, but that doesn’t make it a washout.  Long as we remember there is no storm that somebody can’t help us through, because it rains on everybody at one time or another — we’re all in this together.

Have a delightful weekend full of peace and blessings!