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Last weekend City Boy and I (and, of course, Lucy) had the pleasure of being able to visit Frank’s family in Texas for Easter weekend.  It’s a long drive, but Lucy rides well and loves traveling.  I, unfortunately, don’t travel well.  So, a few hours into the seven-hour trip I started doing goofy things to stave off the boredom.

Getting out the camera is my usual go-to activity, but you know how those “blue” pictures go.  You’re speeding along a highway, so the pictures will be blurry; you’re not wanting to roll down the window, because the wind hits you and blows everything everywhere and the husband is yelling at you to close the window, but the windows are dirty and covered with raindrops, all of which shows up in the pictures; not to mention the “blue” effect that comes from shooting through a (tinted?) vehicle window — the pictures have a blue cast to them that is hard to edit out.

Now that my warnings are out of the way, I thought I’d post some of the pictures from the highways and byways that came up between Missouri and Texas.

A few “blue” pictures:

We must have passed about 15 lakes it seemed -- this is one of them that I don't know the name of

We must have passed about 15 lakes it seemed — this is one of them that I don’t know the name of

Dang, from the looks of these pictures I would have been better off napping

Dang, from the looks of these pictures I would have been better off napping!

Lucy does very well traveling.  Here she is, riding along snuggled in amongst the luggage (a few pieces of which consist of trash bags — we travel in style).

We made a stop at Braham’s, and City Boy went in and got us some ice cream and was coming back out.  That’s not how he usually looks — he made a face when he saw me taking a “blue” picture of him through his dirty driver’s side window.

Frank has lost a lot of weight -- I think he's trying to put it all back on

Frank has lost a lot of weight — I think he’s trying to put it all back on, lol

Random boredom and more “blue” pictures — so sorry.

Ah, finally in Texas!  I think this was at the Welcome Center — I was so mind-numbingly bored by the time we arrived here that I was almost in a coma, so I didn’t even ask what this place was.  I was just elated to be here!

City Boy took this opportunity to take Lucy out of the truck, and Lucy was elated, too.  As I mentioned earlier, Frank has lost quite a bit of weight lately, and it shows.  A shopping trip for smaller clothes was in Frank’s near future — I’m proud of him.

Lucy always waits with much anticipation for Frank to return to the truck.  She hardly even knows I’m still in the truck with her.

Waiting in the driver's seat -- she thinks she's going to drive

Waiting in the driver’s seat — she thinks she’s going to drive

There he is!  Oh, goody, he's coming!

“There he is! Oh, goody, he’s coming!”

We arrive at our destination, and what awaits us but a warm welcome from you-know-who!!

A wiggly Precious Baby! She looks stunned to see us!

Becca and I visited and I got to know Precious Baby — I was so excited to finally meet her!

While Frank rested, Becca and I spent a little time taking pictures of our little ever-moving bundle of joy.

She looks like she's seen a ghost!

She still looks stunned to see us!

This was SO worth every excruciating minute of being on the road to get there!  I’m not good at traveling, but I remind myself that the destination is what matters!  I really enjoyed being able to see Frank’s family, and Steven and Becca were fantastic hosts to us during our stay!  We also stayed one night with Frank’s daughter Melissa and her family before heading back to Missouri.  Thanks so much, Becca, Steven, Robert and Melissa for your hospitality — we hated to come back home!