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This week’s challenge was especially hard for two reasons — my Android takes really awful pictures (and it’s not just me!), and I post about my neighborhood all the time.  But, that was the challenge, so good or bad, here is my picture for this week.   


This was taken on a walking path a few houses down and across the street from where our house is.  It’s a very pleasant little place to walk, especially since most of our streets in town don’t have a shoulder to walk on, and some places have high traffic.  Having a place to walk like this that is traffic-free is nice.  I bring Lucy here in warm weather, and she likes barking at the other dogs.  

So, I’ll go lower my head somewhere in shame and vow never to post another cell phone picture again, at least until I get a phone that takes halfway decent pictures!  I took some camera pictures on the same day I took this one, so I’m getting them ready for a future post (hoping it will make this picture forgettable, lol!).

Love these sunny days!