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Actually, that title is not exactly accurate.  City Boy and I went on a drive here and there, and very little walking was done — it was cold outside!  So. I”m a wimp and everybody should know.  Also, it was actually more than one outing, I just consolidated.  So, in four words I was dishonest twice.  I really didn’t mean to be, but I’m not changing the title because I’m lazy!

Another couple of sunset pictures here — I know I’ve been doing a lot of sky lately, but I just can’t get enough of the beautiful sunsets.  I mean, one night they will be a tapestry of many colors, and the next it may look like the sky is on fire with bright orange.  The next night it may be a subdued blue and white pattern in the sky.  They’re all beautiful, and I can never get enough.

Fire In the Sky

I didn't know I caught that airplane in the picture until after I processed the photo, so I just thought I'd throw this one in

I didn’t know I caught that airplane in the picture until after I processed the photo, so I just thought I’d throw this photograph in for fun.

On a different outing I was looking for picturesque barns and buildings.

Barn In Winter Field

Country Stop Sign

Actually I was going to try to write some sort of poem to go along with this picture, something about a stop sign in the road of life sort of thing.  But I’ve discovered to my dismay that I do not have the poetry writing ability that I had in high school.  So, this picture shall remain poetry-less for the time being.  If anybody has a verse they can come up with, feel free to share it!  This picture has a poem in it, I just know it, lol!

Ice and Sun

A few days after an ice storm we went for a drive and tried to get a good shot of the ice glistening from the grass and branches as the sun shone down on it.  The picture doesn’t do the beauty of it justice.  It was like little diamonds everywhere, and it hardly shows in this picture.  Maybe I should start learning to take videos.  Yeah, that’s the ticket, something else I can be bad at for awhile.

Barn and Silo

Old Barn

On this day is when we took the picture of the day moon that I had in the Weekly Photo Challenge a few days ago.  Well, actually, I took the picture and City Boy was the wheel man.  But I thought I’d work it in here, too, since it goes along with the other photos.

Day Moon

All of these pictures were taken on the outskirts of town or in town, and even in winter there are some pretty picturesque things to see here.  Spring will simply dazzle you.  I can’t wait to show you!

Just got some hot-off-the-press pictures of Becca’s Precious Baby, who is now three months old.  City Boy and I are getting more and more anxious for Easter weekend and our trip to Texas so we can meet Precious Baby for the first time!




I’m telling ya, Easter can’t get here fast enough!  Don’t forget wonderful Daylight Savings tonight — boooo, hiss, we lose an hour!  Lol, have a wonderful night and a great Sunday!