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By now everyone probably thinks I worship the moon, but I’ve actually just lately had more than the usual amount of great photo opportunities in the sky.  So, I thought I’d use one of them in this week’s challenge.

A clear moon with a misty frame of barely-there branches made for what I thought was a neat shot, but a very common one, and I am not a skilled enough photographer to make the day moon any more dramatic than it already is.  Its magnificent beauty certainly doesn’t need my help!

Day Moon 

On a whim I changed the focus from the moon as the subject to making the winter trees against a winter sky the subject with the moon a misty glowing orb in the background.  I like this effect, and I am learning a little more about what a difference a change in perspective can make.  The details in the winter branches had been lost to me in times past.

Day Moon

So, since this challenge, I’ve been thinking about the concept of how details can be totally lost while being in plain site.  One of my fellow bloggers recently posted a picture of wildlife in which something was in plain site but virtually invisible because it was being very inconspicuous.  It is a very interesting version of a sort of “Where’s Waldo” (found here — give it a try!).  The concept of something being lost in amongst all the details of a photograph intrigued me, so when this photo challenge came up I thought I would try my amateur hand at it.

For instance, a furry flower can be interesting looking…

Furry Flower

…except that the same flower disappears when seen from the perspective of being a spec in a sea of weeds ground cover.


Rocks are much more interesting from a close and personal perspective…


…than when viewed as part of a bunch of excess rocks behind a building.


It’s been fun trying to find things that are there, but are lost in the details that are all around them.  It has made me realize that I am missing about 90% of the world around me every day!  So learning to be a better photographer involves much more of learning to be observant than I ever realized.  That’s something I will have to work on.

Since I’ve just jumped on the bandwagon of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge (details here — scroll down the Photo Challenge page to find out how to get started), I’ll have to get better at taking pictures!  There are many fantastic photos to look at, taken by very talented photographers!

Today I wish everybody a fantastic, delightful day!