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Lately we’ve had two snows here in the city, and although it’s been really fun and lovely, it’s been really cold!  Just when I thought we might actually squeak through the winter with no more big onslaught of winter weather, along comes ice, snow, rain and hail, in just three days!
I’ve been staying at my daughter’s in Arkansas, helping some with their new baby, born the end of December.  I couldn’t come down here sooner due to an unending round of pneumonia that I didn’t want to expose a newborn to, so now I’m enjoying spending this time with my newest grandchild!
Frank is missing me, so I am looking to be home soon, getting ready for March and Easter (yet another holiday for me to nag you about, lol).  Spring is so close I can almost smell the blooming flowers!  There are so many wonderful things about Spring that it’s hard to get everything in one blog.
Until I arrive back home and catch up on my posts, I am wishing all of you a great end of Winter!