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This recipe from Katy is a classic, and so easy and so few ingredients that it’s a shoo-in if I want a treat that’s super fast and that I’m likely to have all the ingredients for without having to go to the store!

Cupcakes and Cowpies

Our town trip yesterday went quite well, although I am absolutely exhausted today from all the driving!
Bub was not impressed with the party – there were babies everywhere, which was absolutely terrifying for him, and he was tired and grumpy by the time we left. The best part of the party for him was the food (well, the cheese sticks! Haha) but at least it was a bit more exposure to other little people for him!

The following recipe is one of the simplest biscuit (cookie) recipes that I know. They have only 5 ingredients, and only take 15 minutes in the oven. Although it can be a little messy, these are great to make with kids, due to the simple nature and the fact that they can be made before little attention spans wander!
I have lent my camera to my parents over the weekend, so had to…

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