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EasterFor Valentine”s Day it seems fitting that we talk about our Valentines.  But, there are many, at least for me, and I would have to write a post that spanned almost forever.  But it seems fitting that I tell you a bit more about my main Valentine, the man I roped in was lucky enough to have marry me.

File1Frank and I were actually a set-up.  A friend now of 40 years had moved to Texas some years back, and her husband had this friend from work…well anyway, you get the drift.  I lived in Missouri and did not want to be involved with anyone who wasn’t also from here.  But, I was talked into letting my friend give Frank my email address.  He contacted me, and next thing we knew we were talking on the phone every night.  Then he asked me if he could meet me in person.  I said okay, and about a week before Frank was to arrive here I was surprised with a delivery of beautiful flowers from him.  I met him for the first time at the motel he was staying at, we went out to dinner, yada yada, and he started traveling to Missouri every other weekend until we decided that it would be so much easier if we got married.  

File2Okay, so that was just the condensed version of our life before marriage.  I moved to Texas and we lived there until we moved back here after all of our kids were grown and pretty much on their own.  There was a lot of stuff that happened in between there, but that would just make the story too long.

File7Why is City Boy my Valentine?  Aside from the obvious (I love him, I’m married to him, etc) there are a lot of memories that come to mind that exemplify the kind of person he is.  Well, for one thing, shortly after we were married he and I were told I was going blind, and he didn’t tell me adios.  I really didn’t think on that as much until I got into a support group full of blind people who had experienced their spouses leaving them when they were going blind.  

File8Frank isn’t the romance king that sweeps me off my feet and rides off into the sunset with me.  He is the wonderful man who will come home from a long day at work and have stopped on a whim and picked up my favorite drink from Sonic.  Or be in the store picking up something he needs and just happen to spot something that I had mentioned in passing days ago and pick it up for me.  It’s the little everyday things that endear him to me, as well as the occasional really big ways of showing me how much I mean to him, such as moving away from his whole family and lifestyle to where we live now where I am closer to my aging parents.  Or nursing me through one medical crisis after another.  Putting his faith in God and trusting him when things got rough.  Letting me sleep in when I’ve had a bad night and calling me later to let me know he is thinking about me.  The big stuff and the every day stuff both show me that he thinks about me and loves me, and that he is a kind, decent , godly man.  

File9I could have done a lot worse, but I certainly couldn’t have done any better.  God is good, and He knew which one of His servants to send into my life to keep me in line.  Despite Frank’s rather gruff exterior, he is anything but.  And I’ve told him I’m glad he likes being married to me, because he’s stuck with me.

So, today is just a day that represents what your Valentine is to you every day of the year — the ones you love, care about, like, think a lot of, share your life with.  In my life I have a multitude of people that I can’t say enough about what they mean to me.

So, in place of a reminder, I’ve made this post to wish everyone a happy and loving Valentine’s Day.  Be blessed, have peace, and enjoy your day!