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Today I was thinking about how blessed I have been lately — well, not just lately, but all my life.  But I don’t really have time to think about my WHOLE life, since there’s been a lot of it and I’d probably spend the rest of my life thinking about the life behind me.  But, thinking on the ways that have turned out for the good in one’s life can be so uplifting.

Pumpkin Seeds

Taken for Halloween during a carving

Things that even seemed bad at the time they were happening have often turned out good.  For one thing, I was thinking about this past Fall how much I hated carving out pumpkins to collect the seeds.  I must have griped about that to myself (City Boy didn’t want to hear it) no end.  I couldn’t think of a nastier way to try and take advantage of what God has given us than to stick my hand inside one of those things.  Kind of hypocritical I know.  But I saw a recipe and method for roasting the seeds on another blog, and discovered that I had not done them anywhere close to right the times I’d done them before, so I thought I would give it ONE more try.  

Then I roasted the pumpkin seeds using the cinnamon sugar version (that’s my finished product in the picture) and they turned out so very good — no small feat since all previous attempts at making pumpkin seeds taste and chew like anything but rubber had failed, and I was glad I had gone to the trouble of digging them out of the nasty, slimy inside of those pumpkins.  And so, as we’re about to finish off the last of the seeds I roasted in December (there were a LOT of them that came out of four pumpkins) I was thinking about that blessing that almost wasn’t. Then I thought, “I’ll tell all my fellow bloggers how well they turned out, and I’ll post a link to the blog where I got the wonderful recipe from.”  And, wouldn’t you know, the blogger has shut down her blog.

As luck would have it, back when I first read the post I had printed it off for some unknown reason.  I never usually do that, but this time I did.  So, when Fall rolls around again and the pumpkins are rolling as well, I’ll be posting the recipe for these marvelous pumpkin seeds.  Thanks to The (now defunct) Modern Home Kitchen blog, and to whatever (spirit-lead I’m sure) notion pushed me to print the recipe off, great pumpkin seeds will live on in and bless my house.

Resident RobinAnother neat blessing at my house has been our resident robin — you know, the one who took up residence in my fake plant on the front porch after the weather turned cold?  Her nest still hangs on in the tree (she must have found concrete or something to build it with!), and she even hangs out in it sometimes.  City Boy has been feeding her, and she gets less timid of us all the time.  I consider the robin a blessing because she kind of represents hope and fortitude to me.  Frank has even suggested that maybe next winter I leave the fake plant basket up so she has a place to stay warm.  For City Boy to suggest that is a little out-of-character for him, but I am not minding this side of him at all.

An unopened fortune cookie

The last time Frank and I ate out (we only eat out if I have a coupon), we ate at an oriental place where they have the usual fortune cookies.  Here’s my confession: I actually eat those things.  Well, I like them; they taste kind of okay/good.  At any rate, I was shocked to see the fortune that came out of Frank’s cookie.

Fortune Cookie

That is the one and only time I have ever seen a fortune out of a cookie that mentioned God.  Not that I agree that God will give you everything you want — I truly believe that if you want something that is bad for you and have asked that He guide you on the right path that He is not going to give you something that will undermine that.  But I don’t necessarily have the inroad to the Mind of God so I concede that I may not have all the answers.  I just thought it was neat that a fortune cookie would mention God when everywhere else it seems that somebody is always screaming bloody murder if someone dares to mention God in public.

May your Sunday be blessed, whether you are in a worship service, having a quiet day at home, if your weather is nice enjoying a nice recreational day, working, or whatever way you are spending the day.  Here’s hoping that it is full of peace, joy and happiness for you and yours!

Today’s reminder:

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