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State Seal of Iowa.

A few times in this blog I have mentioned my other daughter, Emily, who lives in Iowa with her family.  She couldn’t wait to get away from me here in Missouri so she ran away to Iowa.  No, I’m kidding.  I don’t think she hates me at all.  

521976_4714813073682_774681098_nEmily is a full-time student in nursing school, as well as holding down a full-time job in a pharmacy, as well as being an integral part of a family of four (whew, that makes ME tired!).  She has a husband and two adorable children.

704789_412907148778514_857601390_o - CopyAnd we’re exactly alike.  Well, maybe not exactly, but we have a lot of similarities.  We’ve even got pneumonia at the same time and are both trying to shake it.  Even though we’re miles apart, we share everything, lol.  

Gianna is Emily and Jay’s four-year-old daughter.  Ugly thing.  She hates people and bites and spits.  No, kidding again.  Actually Gianna doesn’t seem to know a stranger, and she’s a pretty little girl.  Like her grandma.  No, kidding again — she’s pretty like her mother.

544016_4518394163332_1446195516_nJay, Emily’s husband, is a photographer who runs Amaroo Dreaming Photography. And, he took the picture of Gianna over there.  Here he is in a picture with Gianna — he’s the one with the beard.

309913_4606251599713_449710084_nLast but not least, there is Brisbane, Emily and Jay’s two-year-old son.  He doesn’t know a stranger, either.  And he and Gianna can make a toy out of anything.  Last time they were over at my house they entertained themselves for the longest time when they found Lucy and then found my kitchen towel.  A fun time was had by all.

It’s a beautiful thing when your son-in-law is a photographer — that way you know you’re going to be seeing lots of great photographs of the family because photographers carry their cameras everywhere with them.  Well, nearly everywhere.  I am looking forward to sharing their happenings and photos on here in days to come.

483576_10151481595366639_1001645263_nBecca’s Precious Baby is still having trouble letting her mommy go when it comes time for Becca to go to work.  Becca said it is so hard emotionally as well to put Precious Baby down when she has to go, and I can see why.  Who could easily give up holding someone so precious, let alone when they just don’t want to let you go?

It’s easy to forget the days when our babies are little and helpless and sweet.  They grow so fast, and those memories become harder and harder to bring to mind.  Why is it that we can remember things that we’d rather forget like it was yesterday even though it happened years ago, but wonderful things tend to fade?  

I can remember clutching tooth and nail to hang onto all the memories of my young ones — I took countless pictures, kept countless mementoes, and did everything I could to keep the sweet memories from fading.  And yet, they did.  But, I can remember every single time someone called me “dumb” as if they were standing there doing it right now.  Why on earth is that?  

Our minds are funny things.  They are very fearfully and wonderfully made, except we just don’t seem to be grasping how to work them fully.  If we did, the power to do marvelous things would be awesome.

Back to Precious Baby — it’s easy to see why Momma Becca dotes on her so much!

FrankThis evening right before dark City Boy let me take a picture of him.  This is like, something that never happens, so I have to take advantage of it when it happens.  So, he was in a good mood when he got home from work, and here he is.  Tahdah!

And now, speaking of my significant other, it’s time for tonight’s reminder.


Don’t forget — there are only 7 days left before Valentine’s Day!  Get your shopping and shipping taken care of because it’s zero hour!

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if, after all this reminding on here, Frank didn’t get me anything?  I mean, I am pretty subtle, so maybe he won’t get the hints.  The texts I’ve been sending, the notes on the bathroom mirror, the Valentine heart candy on his pillow every night.  You think I’m TOO subtle?

Time will tell — we’ll see.  I’m getting him a fabulous….well, I’d better not say — just in case he ever reads this blog (as if).

Folks, have the most fabulous last half of a week EVER, and be blessed!