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Finally, today was an absolutely beautiful day.  No gloomies, no rain, no freezing cold.  It was sunny, dry and cool.  

The little robin we thought had finally flown away and left us seems to have come back and has been foraging around, occasionally hanging out at her nest and wondering why I took my basket of fake plants away from her.  She’s still by herself, but at least she can get warm occasionally in the sun.  I got a few pictures of her wandering around in the grass under her tree, waiting for Lucy to come out and play.




She looks a darn site better than she did earlier in the winter!

Today was mostly packing day — not packing to move, but basically repacking some of the bins in the garage that are packed in a horrible way.  Too many contents get shuffled from one bin to the other and the bins don’t get remarked.  So, I repacked and remarked my twelve or so Christmas bins.  I’m a packrat with a slight touch of OCD, so needless to say it took me all day.

A sorter/packer’s best friend in times like this is a trusty label maker.

Label Maker

This has been my trusty friend through many a day of sorting, packing and organizing (you can tell it’s been around by all the evident wear and tear and dirt).  It can make a long job a lot shorter and easier.  This label maker prints out the label and then has a button to cut it off for you.  The label tape comes on a cartridge that just snaps in and has the ink already in the cartridge.  I urge any of you who try to stay organized to invest in a label maker — you’ll save loads of time and be more organized.  And it doesn’t have to be the most expensive fancy kind — a cheap one will get the job done.

Remember the label makers they had back in the day?  The label tape looked like it was made of shiny plastic and came in primary colors like shiny red, shiny blue and shiny green.  You had to manually punch each letter in separately by turning a big disk to reach each letter, and then press hard!  The backing on the label tape was hard to get off.  The lettering was always white — no color selection at all!  Ah, fun times.

So, anyway, that’s the problem with staying home in the house all day — it ends up leaving you with nothing to talk about except how nice it’s going to be to go to bed in a bit. But it’s been a good day, so if I’m boring to everyone else at least I’ll still have had a productive day!

Precious Baby is getting quite the personality already!  She absolutely must be in the bathroom with her mother — no playing elsewhere while Mom goes in the bathroom and gets ready.  So, Becca found a way to make it workable for both her and Precious Baby.

391848_10151470073126639_270332102_n - Copy

Whoever invented this little gem has made things better for every working mother whose baby doesn’t want to let her out of their sight!

For some reason, Precious Baby thinks her play mat is funny.

526585_10151476130536639_1304023626_n - Copy

And that is a very lucky thing — it would be a bummer for everybody if she hated it.  I always love it when a baby is good natured!

So, here’s today’s reminder:

5881200_sDon’t forget Valentine’s Day!  Only 9 shopping/creating/mailing days left!  If you like or love somebody and you haven’t started on your Valentine surprise for them yet, then get with the program!  Lol

Blessings to you as you go through this week!