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Technology has gotten so advanced that we almost don’t need to even use our hands any more.  Sometimes I use something called Dragon, a program which downloads onto your computer and then types everything you say.  I just HAD to have it, and City Boy got it for me, so now I use it once-in-a-blue-moon.  Every new technological advancement that comes along always looks great in the advertisement and like it will make life so much better.  Then when we have it, well, it sometimes doesn’t turn out to be the manna from heaven it was made out to be.

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Now the internet has programs in place that track your every move on the computer, and even your every move away from the computer if your cell phone is synced-in with it.  They watch for trends in your life, and make sure to gear the advertisements they send your way to what they perceive you are interested in.  Facebook also utilizes this feature, and I have a feeling most social networks do.

Picture of Me

Picture of Me

Perusing down the advertisements that have shown-up just today on my Facebook home page, I would say these tracking programs need a little work.  According to the advertisements running down my Facebook home page, I am an overweight wrinkled gay man who smokes and plays computer games frequently.  Maybe I need more hormones or something, because that is just not me.  Well, the overweight wrinkled part may have a grain of truth.

 Really, I try to understand that the advertisements pay the bills for the companies they represent, but I would like them to understand that they are annoying.  Especially when the target audience is not even remotely interested in the advertiser’s product/service.  What kind of advertisements SHOULD they be sending my way?  Here are some of MY preferences:

  • Purses – big ones with lots of pockets for minor disaster readiness
  • Solar generators – you never know when you have to rough it
  • Discount shoes – cute ones
  • Hunky man calendars – I have a hunky man at home but he’s not always at home
  • Support groups for old people with little dogs
  • Any ready-made dessert – I love rich desserts — there may be a valid reason why the tracker thought I might be overweight
  • Neat Desk – well, I have to get at least one technological gadget on this list, and I really NEED it, don’t ya’ know

So, if any advertising trackers are watching this blog, READ THE ABOVE LIST.

English: Nokia N8

Okay, so another thing about technology — camera phones.  Pictures sent by them are rarely good enough to, say, post on a blog.  They are handy if you need to get a picture to somebody fast of something that is right in front of you that very instant.  But come on, how often does that scenario become necessary?   Again, for me it’s only once-in-a-blue-moon.

Frank’s daughter Becca’s camera phone does take pretty decent pictures, although not that good in low lighting.  But we take what we can get as far as pictures of Precious Baby are concerned.  We always like getting them.

Black is not a color I have ever felt is made for a baby girl to wear.  But that’s only me, and I’m old.  But apparently, Precious Baby does not care for it either.


Put her in some nice girly colors, and Precious Baby has a whole new outlook.


Just saying…..

For those of you just now tuning in, I have been trying to give reminders of that special day for all people who love each other, or even like each other (and you know who you are).

 12912217_sDon’t forget Valentine’s Day!!!  It’s just around the corner!