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The comfort of warm chicken soup or apple cider can be the most amazing thing on a cold day.  Feeling the warmth as it goes down and seems to warm your whole body is like a few minutes of heaven.  When you’ve got the creepy cruds down in your chest, as is common this time of year, warm fluids can even give a little respite and help you relax.  And, in either situation, something that normally seems so-so suddenly tastes so wonderful!

This morning I decided to break open a box of apple cider packets my husband had bought for me a long time ago.  They sat up in the cabinet, untouched, for a month before I finally thought to make myself a soothing warm cup of cider.  My chest was aching some, so it just seemed appealing.

Apple Cider

The front of the box is so inviting.  Apple cider.  Mmmmmm.  Nothing to indicate that it is anything other than apple cider, or at least partially apple cider.  Then, after drinking some, I knew I’d made the right choice.  It was very soothing.  Something made me look at the side of the box.  Partly curiosity, and partly having to keep an eye on how many carbs I consume.

Apple Cider

No apple juice?  Really?  The front of the box gives no indication that there is NO juice.  Hmm.  Well, that was kind of disappointing, but it still tasted and felt good going down.  Then I noticed something else on the label that seemed to be contradictory.

Apple Cider

English: Self-photographed by Patrick Geltinge...

Okay, so, the label says it doesn’t have ANY apple juice or juice of any kind, but it contains “apple juice solids.”  So, does this mean it contains apple juice that has been dehydrated and is now a solid?  Which begs the question, if the mix has 0% juice (according to the label), but has solid apple juice, then ISN’T THAT JUICE??

Oh, well — these mysteries of life are never-ending.  Maybe someone who works in the nutrition field can straighten this out for those of us who are not label-savvy.  

As it turns out, it wasn’t flu I had recently and thought I was still recovering from, but another round of pneumonia, or else the same round from a few months ago that never went totally away.  So I’ll be drinking more hot “apple cider/juice” until I get over this round, lol!  At any rate, that would answer why I’ve been less-than-positive and kind of depressed of late — I’m not used to feeling bad for long periods of time and don’t handle it well.

This morning City Boy ran a few errands before work and decided to take our dog Lucy with him.  She loves riding in the truck and goes crazy if she’s invited along.  So, she had a nice little trip to the bank and grocery store.  Later, when Frank left for work, he told Lucy she had to stay home.  She apparently had convinced herself that she was going to be spending the day with Frank, because when he left her behind she spent the whole morning sulking and moping in her recliner in the office until he returned.  She wouldn’t even get up to play with her toys.

Lucy Sulking

Call us OCD, but we keep an old ratty cover over the recliner because that’s the dog’s favorite place to sit/lay.  Just saying — we don’t get our furniture out of the dumpster even if this picture of it makes it look like we do.  So, poor, spoiled Lucy gets to relax in Frank’s best recliner while she sulks.

Here’s today’s reminder about Valentine’s Day — you know I have to mention it lest some of you out there might forget it and get in hot water with your significant others.  I’ve done a modest amount of decorating, and so I’ll close out with a few pictures of the Valentine’s decorations Frank is able to tolerate.  Actually, he’s been pretty good about it — I think he feels sorry for me.  Hey, whatever gets the job done.

Valentine's Decoration

On the hearth

Valentine's Mantle

The mantle

Valentine's Buffet

The buffet — my metal rose collection. I know, right? Who collects metal roses? Lol

Valentine's LR

Valentine's Endtable

Valentine's endtable

Since we still had poinsettias from Christmas that we couldn’t see any point in throwing away, the Valentine decorations had to be worked around them.  But worse things have happened in life and here we are, still alive.

  There are no baby pictures from this week yet, so I’ll have to beg Becca for some more.  You know I love sharing them with you, whether you like it or not, lol!  So, have a safe and fun start to your weekend, and try to stay warm.  Spring is only a few months away!