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It’s a great world we live in!  No matter what is happening in the world that can make us doubt that, we can remember that it’s still a great world!

ValentineYou’re going to get tired of hearing about this, but Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Why am I already talking about a day that is over three weeks away?  City Boy wonders the same thing.  “Why are you already decorating for that?  It’s still January!”

Sigh.  Yeah, I can wait until the week before, like he wants me to, put all the decorations up, enjoy them for a few days, then be pressured to take them all right back down again as soon as the Big Day is over.  That’s really a barrel of fun for me.  But, I like to be difficult and make the place look festive.  

9221347_sWith Frank, I think the problem is fear.  That’s right.  He is wondering if he’s going to have to come up with something special for me for Valentine’s Day.  And since I’m a planner, he knows he can’t get away with giving me a tootsie roll and telling me he didn’t have time to get me anything more chocolaty because Valentine’s Day “snuck-up” on him.

12321499_sActually, he is pretty good to do special things for special days.  He has good taste in flowers, and is thoughtful in a lot of ways.  I think what he’s more worried about is that I am expecting more somehow.  You know, the big flourish of emotion and him gushing his undying love for me.  A trip to Figi would be nice, but I’m certainly not expecting it.

Day 20 (September 30th): Documentary

So, I’m starting early enough that everyone who knows me is not going to forget — everyone sees it coming and knows to get out and get that special someone something special, or plan that special event.  I thought about trying to find the movie he and I watched together on our first date (The Notebook).  I don’t know — he’ll probably say, “Why did you get this movie?  Don’t you remember that we’ve already seen it?”

To intermingle Valentine’s Day with Christmas (I try to keep THAT holiday going as long as possible!), we just received the Christmas portraits of Becca’s Precious Baby.  Actually, it doesn’t matter when you get pictures of a baby, they’re never too late.  And most especially if it’s your grandchild.  At the time these were taken Precious Baby couldn’t have been more than a week or so old.  



That’s the perfect Christmas, and Valentine’s, greeting!