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School is in full swing again, and students all over the land are busy studying, writing, on computers and losing sleep.  City Boy is no exception, except for the part about losing sleep.  He gets enough.  His wife, on the other hand, must stay up after hours or sneak a few minutes in here and there and check her email and do various other tasks that involve the computer because those are the only times she can get on the computer when her husband is not.  Ah, but such is life.  It makes blogging almost like a sport.

Other than blogging, my other favorite thing to do is shopping.  And not just any shopping, but getting something great for a price much less than it’s worth.  Oh yeah!  I do love shopping at places like Target and JCP, but some of my all-time favorite places to do any bargain shopping are at higher priced stores when they are having sales.  

Neiman Marcus

I’m not talking about places like Neiman-Marcus, where they never have sales, or where any markdowns are still so high you have to mortgage your house to participate.  But, I do like shopping places besides Walmart from time-to-time.  Getting better quality stuff at a lower price is something I like doing.

Coldwater Creek

One of my favorite places to look for gems is Coldwater Creek.  Their clothes just seem to fit better and hang more attractively on me.  Cloths and jewelry go on sale at this time of year, and right now Coldwater Creek is having a fantastic sale.  Their items that are already on Clearance are marked down half again of the clearance price.  This includes most, if not all, of their outlet items!  

Macy’s is another one I like to look in for deals.  Right now their clearance items are marked down an extra percentage in addition to the sale.

The only problem with shopping in stores like this is that the sale merchandise is picked-over many times, or if you shop online, there are sometimes shipping charges that have to be factored in before you know if you’re getting a deal or not.

That said, it’s every day life as usual here.  Frank is healing nicely from his surgery, and hopes to be up to 100% soon.  In the meantime, he does everything he ever did when his foot was perfectly healthy, which makes me wonder what exactly 100% IS for him.

And, of course, I would not be normal if I didn’t post regularly about pets and grandchildren.  My niece has a multitude of pets that includes ten tarantulas, so feel fortunate — all we have to post about as far as pets is a little dog.  And she’s usually pretty good, but yesterday she made a big mess getting into the dryer softener sheets and chewing them up into a million little pieces and strewing them all over the house.  I would think dryer sheets would taste bad, but then this is the dog that will eat deodorant sticks. 


And, of course, I simply must post a weekly look at Frank’s granddaughter — Becca is so good to always send pictures of her to us!

Taking a car nap

Taking a car nap

Incidentally, Becca was trying to get ready for work yesterday morning and Precious Baby was wanting Becca’s attention to the point that she would scream bloody murder (Becca’s words) whenever Becca would try to put her down so she could get ready.   Finally, Becca found the only solution, and the only thing that would placate Precious Baby:

312339_10151425883901639_1311444056_n - Copy

Hey, baby’s happy, and Mom is able to get ready — you do whatever works!

Everybody have a great week and a blessed Sunday!